Where are we currently at as a human people? Much effort, time, intellectual prowess, and spiritual endeavor has been expended in trying to find an answer to this question. Some say that there is nothing wrong and things are proceeding exactly as they are meant to, that the grand design of the cosmos is unfolding here on earth in a messy yet productive manner. Others proclaim, most assuredly, that we are here for no reason other than to executive a reproductive function and sustain our species. Some look about and sense the environment and the various trajectories and sub-categorizations of man* and confirm that something has gone very wrong, but that it is this sense of “wrongness” that will lead us back to our essence and place in the world.  Perhaps the “truth” lies in a medley of all possible answers.

Many seem awakened to the crisis in which we face, but this only exacerbates the difficulty faced in managing our place in the world. They sense through emotional responses, manifesting as various maladies perhaps, that a disconnect has occurred, that a lie has been ingested and integrated, and that the promises of fulfillment based on material acquisition and the pursuit of happiness is a total sham.

What we want to do here is create an eventual space for those who need one. The space is not meant to be safe or geared to any one kind of direction or purpose, but one that is for those suffering from a common ailment. The purpose is not to squabble among ourselves, consumed by meticulously constructed dichotomies and subsequent debates.  Politics is an essentially moot point, as this realm has shown no capacity to solve our individual and collective issues. The institution of professional leadership, from individuals either “voted in” or granted ascension through bloodlines or cunning, has very rarely served the true needs of people.



*     “Although “man” is now incorrectly interpreted as “masculine,” the true root is genderless, coming from the Sanskrit manas, which means mind, and also O.E. man, mann “human being, person,” …”

Searching for the path and helping the people. Doing what I can to shift this thing. Finder of frequencies, bending the light, embracing the darkness.