Other to I

the sometime lifelong battle between what we may be and what we present to the outside….how to undo the various detractors from self, and lead an existence that approaches real, wherein which we become capable of continuous forward progress. Exiting the maze of delusional mind traps and false notions. But the masquerade, we say, is so quaint and comfortable…here I have found status and acceptance. I stand up for things and perpetuate conditions, not based on a sense of humanity or civility or life supporting impulses, but because I need to protect this pre-packaged core-rotten identity that has been veneered in beautiful shades of gold and platinum, of success and standing. The further we deviate from authenticity the closer we approach hell, and at all costs the sham must be preserved…they will murder, rape, and submit any threat to the prevailing order. Everything that poisons us vanquishes the instant truth is sought.
#gnosis for the #masses – turn the #exoteric in to the #esoteric and shed the #politics #religion #religious #political #race #racial #hierarchial #spiritual #newage #christian #left #right #republican #democrat polarity and provided choices that we have become subservient to.


Searching for the path and helping the people. Doing what I can to shift this thing. Finder of frequencies, bending the light, embracing the darkness.

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